Nov 2017 20

Human Rights and Multistakeholder Approaches to Cybersecurity – Pipedream or Reality?

Hotel Andaz Delhi, Aerocity, Delhi

This session is part of a pre-GCCS workshop for civil society, organised by Global Partners Digital. Dr. Anja Kovacs has been invited to join as a speaker.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate civil society engagement in the GCCS 2017 and prepare messages for thematic areas and conference outcomes.

This session is part of the program on day 1, which aims to share information and set the scene.

The GCCS2015 Chair’s Statement reflected a vision of cyberspace underpinned by human rights and multistakeholder approaches. But this raises a number of questions today:

  • Is this a pipedream or reality? What are the challenges and opportunities of HR and MS approaches to cyber?

  • What are the impediments to embedding multistakeholder and human rights approaches in cybersecurity discussions?

  • To what degree does/​should GCCS2017 build on the 2015 vision?

The session will also explore ways to make the case for human rights and multistakeholder approaches to cybersecurity at the GCCS2017.

Other speakers are Damir Rajnovic and Jamie Saunders. Lea Kaspar will moderate the session.