The HillHacks pre-event was an informal gathering in Delhi to share, and presentations on several interesting projects were part of the first session called Musings on Art/Design/Technology. It was followed by an introduction and discussion about OpenStreetMaps.
Nayantara from the Internet Democracy Project spoke about the Watchtower project.

HillHacks is a community-driven, non-commercial event that has been happening for a few weeks every year in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dharamsala. It provides space and place for various temporary hackspaces with technology, art and education workshops, leading into a conference and maker exhibition. See here for the hillhacks website.

There were presentations on-

– ‘Glitch and Net Art practices in India – A Re-view’ – Charu Maithani
– ‘Interactive Art & Design using Arduino’ – Himanshu Bablani
– ‘Creating Wooden Model of Landscapes using CNC Machinery and Remote-Sensing Data’ – Shashank Srinivasan
– ‘Hacking, Cracking and Jacking: Reflections on Delhi’s ‘Grand Theft Autos’’ – Riley Gold
– ‘Digital Pointilism & Phygital Art’ – Saakshita Prabhakar
– ‘Making a PCB Badge’ – Tavish Naruka