Hosted by Medianama in partnership with the Centre for Communication Governance (NLU-Delhi), these sessions will open up space for an in-depth discussion on Non-personal data governance. Dr Anja Kovacs from the Internet Democracy Project will be giving opening remarks “Power to the people” between 02:15 PM – 02:25 PM on day 1.

The discussion on Non Personal Data prior to the date of submission of comments on the NPD Governance Framework released by MEITY, will help stakeholders to understand various issues at hand.

The sessions will be hosted under the Chatham House Rule.


Day 1: August 6 (Thursday) 2020

02:00 PM02:15 PM: Check in

02:15 PM02:25 PM: Opening remarks

Power to the people: Anja Kovacs, Director, Internet Democracy Project

02:25 PM03:45 PM: Assessing the need for an NPD Regulation and identifying stakeholders

03:45 PM03:55 PM: Break

03:55 PM05:00 PM: Sharing NPD for sovereign and public interest purposes

Day 2: August 7 (Friday) 2020

02:00 PM02:15 PM: Check in

02:15 PM02:45 PM: Opening remarks

The impact of NPD on the tech ecosystem: Sameer Nigam, Founder, PhonePe

02:45 PM03:45 PM: Sharing NPD for economic purposes

04:45 PM04:55 PM: Break

03:55 PM04:30 PM: Data Trusts

04:30 PM05:00 PM: NPD Authority

The discussions are open to a select list of invitees to observe, comment and pose questions to the speakers. However, anyone can attend.

Update: Please watch the opening remarks by Dr Anja Kovacs below

Please register to attend the sessions here.