Oct 2015 14 – 16

CyFy 2015 

The Taj Mahal Hotel, Mansingh Road, New Delhi


CyFy 2015 was organised by the Observer Research Foundation. It focused on Cybersecurity and Internet Governance in India and beyond. Rajat Rai Handa and Nayantara Ranganathan participated in the conference on behalf of the Internet Democracy Project.

CyFy2015 featured in-depth discussions on cyberspace topics such as sovereignty and international cooperation, implementing national strategies on cyber governance, privacy, public-private partnership and multistakeholderism. There were panels on Cyber Arms Control, Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) protection, Future of the Digital Economy, Online Bullying and Gender-Based Violence, Big Data, Internet Governance, Internet and the State, Rethinking Internet Jurisdiction, The Backbone of the Internet, Digital Empowerment, India and the Internet and the Future of the Internet.