Nov 2013 11

Connect Your Rights: Gender, Sexuality and the Internet

YMCA International House, YMCA Road, Mumbai Central, 9.30 am-5.30 pm.

Anja Kovacs will be speaking about online gendered violence and about online pornography at the event, organised by Point of View and taking place in Mumbai.

Point of View in Mumbai is organising the EROTICS India event Connect Your Rights!’, an all-day meeting exploring the links between women’s rights, sexual rights and internet rights.

This exploratory meeting ventures into somewhat uncharted terrain, but terrain that is critical for activists to start navigating in this digital age.

Some of the issues that will be discussed at this meeting include:

-Online Activism — in the context of violence against women, both offline and online.

-Online Pornography — against the backdrop of two recent petitions in India to ban online porn.

-Online Identities — does the internet create a space for women to express themselves in ways that are not always permissible in the offline world?

-Online Risks — online risks that activists face — and ways to mitigate these.