Dec 2013 09

Colloquim on Gender Violence and Digital Media

The Residency, GN Chetty Road, Chennai, 10 am-4 pm

Anja Kovacs will be speaking about the Internet Democracy Project’s research on women and verbal online abuse in India at this Chennai event, organised by Prajnya.

Prajnya, a Chennai-based non-profit that has been organising the 16 Days Campaign against Gender Violence in Chennai since 2008, this year is organising as part of its 16 Days Calendar a day-long colloquim on gender violence and digital media.

The colloquium is envisioned as a forum for unhurried conversation, bringing together those who are concerned about gender violence and those who work on issues relating to digital security, freedom and privacy. There is not enough overlap between the two sets.

A mix of women’s rights activists, mediapersons, bloggers, maybe lawyers and technical experts is invited for this small-group, closed conversation. The day is structured in three parts:

  1. A panel that gives an overview of emerging challenges.

  2. A lecture by a lawyer on the legal framework and debates.

  3. A session that begins with short invited presentations on online initiatives against gender-based violence and/​or for women’s rights, and broadens into a discussion on gender violence, the digital media, democracy and privacy.