Oct 2015 14 – 15

Civil Society Coordination Meeting on the WSIS+10 Review 

Kimmel Center for University Life, New York University (NYU), Washington Square South, New York, USA


The aim of this meeting is to facilitate civil society input and engagement in the WSIS+10 Review process. It is organised by Global Partners Digital (GPD), in collaboration with APC, Access Now, Bytes for All, CCG at NLUD, CDT, Coding Rights, FGV/ CTS, the Internet Democracy Project, the Just Net Coalition, KICTANet, and Public Knowledge, with support of the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the GovLab at NYU. Anja Kovacs is participating in the meeting.

The WSIS process has been a unique vehicle in promoting a development-oriented, human rights respecting information society, recognising the important role played by all stakeholders in its governance. This year, as WSIS marks its 10th anniversary, the UN General Assembly is set to evaluate its progress and decide its future. In order for the WSIS to continue acting as a conduit for ICT4D underpinned by human rights beyond 2015, it is important that views of all stakeholders especially those from developing countries, are reflected in its outcomes.

In order to contribute towards this goal, the objective of this meeting is to further coordinate global civil society priorities, input and engagement in the Review process.

The two-day meeting will take place in the run-up to the deadline for submissions on the zero-draft of the Review outcome document (October 15th) as well as the informal interactive WSIS stakeholder consultations on 19 October.