Mar 2015 17

Citing Sites of Desire: Cyberspace and Pleasure

Alliance Francaise, New Delhi, 3.15-4.15 pm.

This panel discussion is one among several of a conference on ‘The Becoming of the Sexual Feminine: Searching Desire and Pleasure’ that has been organised by the Clay Taurus Collective, as part of the Cri de Femme Festival – a festival in collaboration with Movimiento Mujeres Poetas Internacional (Women Poet’s International movement). Anja Kovacs is moderating the session.

The papers being presented during the panel are the following:

Breaking the Internet: The Dissemination of Desire in the Cyberspace: Oindrila Duttagupta (Artist, Student- Ambedkar University)

Love, Sex Toys and Kanoon: Jasmine George (Activist, Lawyer)

Female gamer and Her pleasure in looking’: Pallavi Kar (Student- Ambedkar University)

The Conference aims to be a space for those interested to come together and really start the process of unwrapping sex and desire, moving beyond existing binaries which limit and silence sex and sexuality.

More information about the day-long conference can be found here.