Aug 2016 19 – 20

This conference is organised by the Kerala Police, in association with POLCYB and ISRA.

Dr. Anja Kovacs will be a key note speaker, addressing the topic ‘Balancing Internet governance, policing and democracy’.

c0c0n, previously known as Cyber Safe, is an annual event conducted as part of the International Information Security Day.

The Kerala Police will be playing the leading role in organizing a two day International Information Security Conference titled c0c0n 2016 in association with POLCYB -(The Society for the Policing of Cyberspace, was incorporated as a not-for-profit society in June 1999 . Based in British Columbia, Canada, their goal is to enhance international partnerships among public and private professionals to prevent and combat crimes in cyberspace) and ISRA — (a registered non-profit organization, as part of Information Security Day 2016).

Various technical, non-technical, legal and community events are organized as part of the program.

The number of digital security incidents and cyber-crimes are increasing daily on a proportionate rate. The cyberspace is demanding more and more security professionals and controls to curb this never ending threat to information systems.

c0c0n is aimed at providing a platform to discuss, showcase, educate, understand and spread awareness on the latest trends in information, cyber and hi-tech crimes. It also aims to provide a hand-shaking platform for various corporate, government organizations including the various investigation agencies, academia, research organizations and other industry leaders and players for better co-ordination in making the cyber world a better and safe place to be.