Nov 2015 08

The annual meeting of the Best Bits civil society network will take place on 8 November in João Pessoa, Brazil, two days before the start of the Internet Governance Forum. Anja Kovacs is participating as well as facilitating the session on the WSIS+10 Review, together with Deborah Brown of the Association for Progressive Communications.

The diversity of Internet governance issues and processes creates a ongoing challenge for civil society groups to keep up and to effectively engage. This meeting offers the opportunity to review the landscape, and to dive deep into a few selected key areas. Amongst the highlights of 2015 have been the IANA transition, the ongoing WSIS+10 preparations, rulemaking on net neutrality in both the United States and Europe, and the progress of trade agreements that will impact on the Internet issues. Meanwhile, concerns over state surveillance still occupy as much concern as in previous years. Alongside these substantive concerns, the institutional landscape of Internet governance continues to evolve, including the first meetings of the NETmundial Initiative, and new experimentation with outputs at the Internet Governance Forum this year. Participants at the Best Bits 2015 meeting will share knowledge of recent developments, broaden their understanding of existing initiatives in this space, and collaborate on the development of shared principles and strategies to advance the use of transparent, participatory processes in the development of Internet policies.

For full details of the meeting (including the agenda and a list of participants), please click here.