Jun 2015 05

First Asia Pacific Civil Society Planning Meeting on the WSIS+10 Review

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2-6 pm

The overarching goal of the WSIS over the past ten years has been to create ‘a people-centred, development-oriented, inclusive information society’. We are still far away from that goal. In that light, what are the issues that civil society in the Asia Pacific wants its governments to squarely address in the process of that review? This meeting is organised by the Internet Democracy Project and by Bytes for All, Pakistan, to start making a beginning to answering that question.

Though the meeting will also provide the necessary background on the WSIS and its review in order to be able to engage with the process, its main aim is, thus, practical: i.e. to begin developing an Asia Pacific civil society agenda for the WSIS+10 Review.

With this, the meeting will hopefully be the beginning of a longer process to make sure that the perspectives from Asian human rights defenders will be reflected in the Review.