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  • What is it that you would never blog about?

    BY INDIAN HOMEMAKER In her second post for Make Blog, Indian Homemaker asks her readers: what is it that you would never blog about? You can find the full text of her post below. However, to read the fascinating and extremely informative discussion, with more than 70 contributions, that followed in the comments section after Indian Homemaker posted this on her own blog, you will need to visit the original, published on 9 March 2012. You can find it here. Recommended.   More

  • Bloggers and the IT Rules: A blogger’s perspective

    BY INDIAN HOMEMAKER In the previous post, Apar Gupta, a litigator, explained the rights and responsibilities that bloggers have under the legal framework in India. In this post, Indian Homemaker provides a blogger’s perspective on the Intermediary Guidelines Rules, or IT Rules, and finds… that they are impossible to follow. Read on to find how the rules affect you as a blogger. You can find the original post, published on 1 March 2012, here.   More

  • Bloggers and the law: Five points to keep in mind


    Apar Gupta is a litigator (and blogger!) based in New Delhi. We invited him to join Make Blog Not War as one of the trainers. His brief: to help the bloggers understand the legal framework that governs their activities. In the blog post below, Apar gives an overview of the most important queries that came up during the Make Blog training, and his responses to them. The original post, published on 29 February 2012, can be found here. Essential reading for everyone who blogs.

  • The Internet censorship saga in India

    BY SHOBHA SV — I, ME AND MEDIA In this post for Make Blog Not War, Shobha SV provides a sweeping overview of the Indian government’s attempts to censor the Internet in recent years, and the valiant efforts of business and society alike to resist. You can read the original post, first published on 29 February 2012, here.   More

  • #MakeBlog: Speak now

    BY ANNE — A TENTATIVE STEP In this second post in our #MakeBloggers series, Anne lists out some of the actions any blogger anywhere can take to defend his or her right to free speech. You can read the original post on Anne’s blog, A Tentative Step, where it was published on 26 February 2012.   More

  • Some thoughts on #MakeBlog Not War

    BY VIDYUT — AAM JANATA Today, we kick of our series of blogposts on Internet censorship in India from the #Makebloggers with a post by Vidyut, who reflects on the parental attitude inherent in censorship, whether exercised by the family or the government alike. This post was first published on Vidyut’s website, Aam Janata, on 25 February 2012.   More