Data as Body

by Shraddha Mahilkar

We are thrilled to share our work as a part of Data Governance Network. The video titled, “Data is an extension of our body,” is one of the first in a series of four videos along with four well-researched papers on Body as Data and Data governance.

Data is considered to be a resource in various data governance regimes in India, that can be exploited by Government and private players alike but, in reality, this data is so much a part of the body that generates it. Our research shows that the data is embodied and any harm manifested from this data is as real and tangible as any other physical harm.

The reliance on the data solely has added to the suffering of people from the marginalised sections of the society who are unable to fight the system. They are subjected to even more discrimination because of the technical glitches arising from digitisation and in turn left hanging on the mercy of data.

Don’t forget to read our first paper Data sovereignty, of whom? Limits and suitability of sovereignty frameworks for data in India” authored by Dr Anja Kovacs and Nayantara Ranganathan on this series to gain insights on various data frameworks in India and why we need to change the construction of data for the protection of our rights in the digital age.

Find the paper here