Mar 2020 24

Data Governance Network’s Online Quarterly Meeting


Data Governance Network’s online quarterly meeting is organised by The Internet democracy Project. Four draft research papers and one research proposal was presented and discussed during the meeting by the research nodes IDFC Institute, National Institute for Public Finance and Policy and IT for Change, along with the Internet Democracy Project.

In response to COVID-19 Pandemic, the Data Governance Network’s quarterly roundtable shifted online. Following a unique format, pre-recorded video presentations and draft papers were shared beforehand with the participant for a productive discussion.

Tripti Jain and Anja Kovacs presented their draft research paper on “Informed Consent, Said Who? A Feminist Perspective on Principles of Consent in the Age of Embodied Data.” The paper proposes to change the approach to data and consent. It aims to re-conceptualise the existing connotations of data by putting the bodies back in debates around consent and data governance and by looking at principles of consent with a feminist perspective in ever-changing digital spaces, where data is looked at as a resource.

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