Welcome to our new website!

by Anja Kovacs

We are very proud to finally share with you our new website. Whether you’re a researcher, a policy maker, an activist or simply a person interested in Internet issues, this site has been designed to make it easy for you to find a wealth of information, providing both background information and timely updates and in-depth analysis as appropriate. As you will see, the site also internally links content extensively, to make it easy for you to learn more and delve deep. Is there something you can’t find? That is possible. Adapting our writings to this site has often required considerable reformatting, and so especially some of our larger pieces of writing are not available here yet. If there is something you can’t find, keep checking back regularly, therefore, over the next few months, as we will continue to add material frequently, including to the archives.

Hope you will enjoy the new site! Happy browsing.